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Today is a historic day for Minnaar Collectors. Just 18 months into this collection and the price of Minnaars has risen from $10 to $1,500 and the value of the Minnaar Treasure has reached $1,534,175. I want to thank you for being a part of this amazing journey and we are just getting started! My goal is to continue creating the most unique and meaningful art while simultaneously building the value of our community and brand.

Here is the Latest and Greatest:

First, what makes the Minnaar Collection special?

  • Each Minnaar is a unique and original artwork that I have created myself
  • Each Minnaar is exchangeable for any other Minnaar made available from my Trading Inventoryforever.
  • Each Minnaar comes with a Token of Authenticity that cryptographically proves provenance
  • Each Minnaar has one of 24 words to a combination that can unlock the Minnaar Treasure when arranged in the correct order
  • Minnaars have a variety of exchange values making them accessible to more collectors
  • Minnaars are scarce – only 10,000 will be sold to the public
  • Minnaars are abundant – owners of a Minnaar can exchange their Minnaar for any other Minnaar available in my growing Trading Inventory.
  • We have a growing community of collectors that magnifies trading, social and networking opportunities

New Series – “The Journey”

This is my most important series because I created it to honor you. Each painting symbolizes, celebrates and honors your journey.

We each have our own journey through this amazing life and, like the captain of a ship, we must frequently “adjust our sails” as we pursue our goals and dreams. It is not always easy.

While we set our sights on worthwhile destinations, it is this journey that is happening in the here and now that matters most. This is the adventure of life that we can experience in totality – in this moment!

Each original painting is similar yet different – every one is entirely unique – just like our individual journeys. I invite you to search the series to find the perfect painting to symbolize, celebrate and honor your journey.

Scarcity and Abundance

The total number of Minnaars released to the public will be limited to 10,000. There are less than 9,000 remaining for sale and the price increases daily with each new release. The trading inventory will continue to grow as long as I am able to paint – increasing the utility of the 10,000 by increasing the number of trading possibilities. The Minnaar Collection has the best of both worlds – scarcity and abundance.

Forever Art

Minnaars have a 1 to 1 exchange value which means they can be traded at any time for any other equivalent Minnaar that I have available in my Trading Inventory. The available inventory is continually changing as new pieces are added and traded. Search the available inventory regularly to find the perfect piece to add to your collection.

Daily Giveaway

Each day I give away $10 worth of bitcoin and one Fractional Minnaar Trading Card to a member of our Telegram Group.

Click here to join and you will automatically be entered into each day’s drawing.

Token of Authentication

Each Minnaar comes with a Token of Authenticity (ToA) registered on the Liquid Network. Possession of this token can support the authenticity of the accompanying physical artwork. The ToA helps protect buyers and sellers when transacting between private parties and is required when trading-in your Minnaar artworks. Click here for suggested trading practices between private parties.

To receive a Token of Authenticity you will need a Liquid Wallet. We suggest downloading the SideSwap.io or Blockstream Green wallet app. Open your Liquid wallet to generate a Liquid Address to receive your ToA.

New Consignment Service

You can sell your Minnaars on consignment with us for a 10% consignment fee.

Contact me if you would like to consign a Minnaar.


Consigned Minnaars are available For Sale only (no trade).

Weekly Meetup

Join myself and other Minnaar collectors over coffee to discuss, show and trade Minnaar art.

Date & Time:

Every Friday from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


Coffee Importers
34531 Golden Lantern · Dana Point, CA

Forum Activity

We’ve seen a nice uptick in activity in our Telegram Group. I invite you to join the Telegram Group to discuss, buy, sell and trade Minnaars.

December Art Show & Exchange

Come out and join us for our next Minnaar Art Show & Exchange! You will be able to see new works, meet other collectors and buy, sell or trade!

Date & Time: Saturday, December 10 from 10:00 AM – Noon

LocationLockout Studios – Suite 306 501 North Main Street, Suite 306, Santa Ana, CA 92701 – Entrance is on 5th Street under the CrossFit signCall 858-240-4244 to be let into the building and come up to Suite 306. FREE parking is available catercorner to the intersection at 5th and Main.

The Giving Season

With the holiday season now at hand, we have a unique opportunity to introduce our friends and family to the Minnaar Art Collection and our community. The gift of a Minnaar is the gift of “forever art” that can be exchanged and passed down from generation to generation. Fractional Minnaar Trading Cards make gift giving easy since they sell for only $1.50 each. Starter Packs of 20 trading cards can be purchased for just $30.

The Journey Forward

I am excited about the new friendships I have made since launching this project. I look forward to building our collector community together and meeting each of you personally at a future event. Join our active Telegram Community to stay in the loop!

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