How To Display Your Art

Oil Paintings

Most of my paintings come on stretched canvas which makes them ready to hang. Some of my early works are painted on panels and they would benefit from a frame. I recommend Michaels or Hobby Lobby as they have a wide selection.

How to Frame Drawings and Watercolor Paintings

Each drawing and watercolor painting arrives in a clear protective sleeve and it is best to store it in this sleeve if you will not be displaying it on your wall. Here are the best ways to display your artwork:

I recommend purchasing a frame size larger than the artwork depending on your available wall space (the larger the better!). You can usually purchase a quality frame at your local Michaels, Hobby Lobby or other craft store. Next, I would have a mat cut to fit the frame with an opening cut to display your artwork. Your crafts store can do this for you. To mount your artwork in the frame, I recommend the process described in this video. I also recommend replacing the glass in your frame with a non-glare plexiglass which can be ordered from eStreetPlastics (here is how to remove the backing from the plexiglass)

Presentation Book

If space is limited and you are building a large collection, I recommend the Itoya Art Profolio which will allow you to store and display multiple small artworks. It can be purchased at Amazon, Michaels or Hobby Lobby.