Portraits by Steven Minnaar

“Kinsey & Caroline” Oil on canvas. 28″ x 22″

I am inspired by the great classical portrait artists of the late 19th century including John Singer Sargent, Philip de Laszlo, and Anders Zorn and yet I am fascinated by Expressionism and Neo-Expressionism. There is something special about capturing an individual’s unique personality in a painting that can be treasured both now and by future generations. The creation of a Fine Art Portrait offers both the sitter and the artist a chance at immortality – a way to transcend the chains of our mortal existence and leave our mark long after we depart this world. It presents the beauty of a human being at one moment in time and it proudly proclaims “we lived”!

My Portrait Painting Philosophy

Of all the things to paint I find people to be the most fascinating. My objective as a portrait artist is to capture not just likeness in appearance but also expression and spirit. This must be done while simultaneously creating an object of aesthetic beauty. This process requires the distillation and extraction of that which is important while excluding the unnecessary.

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