Hidden Treasure

Join the hunt for hidden treasure!

Each original artwork and Limited Edition Print contains an encoded key inscribed on the reverse which can unlock a hidden Bitcoin treasure when decoded. The treasure contains 0.0138 Bitcoin. Each artwork includes a separate clue to help crack the code. The more artwork you acquire the more clues you will have. Be the first to crack the code and you can take the coins! It’s a pretty tough code so I don’t expect anyone to crack it in my lifetime but maybe you are up to the challenge! Nevertheless, imagine what the value of bitcoins will be in the future and how that can affect the future value of your Minnaar Art Collection!

The balance of the bitcoin hidden treasure is publicly viewable here:

(You can view the balance by clicking on the link. If you would like to up the bounty you are welcome to send more bitcoins to this bitcoin address!)

Start your Minnaar Art Collection and begin your treasure hunt today!

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