Minnaar Money – Pre-Order


Total Supply is limited to 21,000 artworks. Your order will be placed in cue and shipped as the artworks are completed. You have the option of receiving an immediate NFT (see below). This pre-order¬†will lock-in today’s price and secure the next available artworks.

NFT Option

You can request an immediate NFT which can be exchanged for the physical artwork when it is completed or at any other time in the future. If you select this option, the NFT will be required to be tendered in order to receive the physical artwork. This may incur an additional shipping charge depending on the size of the artwork and the shipping destination. You are free to transfer your ownership rights by transferring the NFT. To request the NFT, please mention it in the “Order Notes” section of your Order Form when checking out.


Shipping charged is a pre-paid flat rate of $7.95 anywhere in the US. You will be billed separately to cover the difference if the actual shipping rate exceeds the flat rate.

Place your order now to lock-in the current price.

Note: product image is of an early Minnaar Money painting and yours will be different.

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