Safe Trading and Authentication

Token of Authenticity

Each Minnaar comes with a Token of Authenticity (ToA) registered on the Liquid Network. Possession of this token can support the authenticity of the accompanying physical artwork. The ToA helps protect buyers and sellers when transacting between private parties and is required when trading-in your Minnaar artworks.

To receive a Token of Authenticity you will need a Liquid Wallet. We suggest downloading the or Blockstream Green wallet app. Open your Liquid wallet to generate a Liquid Address to receive your ToA.

Suggested Trading Practices Between Private Parties when not using our Consignment Service

In-Person Transactions:

When trading in person, meet in a public and secure environment (like the lobby of your bank) or come to one of our live events. Verify the Seller’s TOA by matching the Asset ID to the corresponding artwork catalogued at and have the Seller transfer it to your wallet along with the physical artwork in exchange for your payment.

Trading Minnaars from a distance:

You can trade ToA’s first and then follow it up by shipping the physical artworks. Naturally, check and verify the reputation of the person you are trading with to reduce risk and only trade in amounts that you are comfortable with.

Selling to Third Parties:

Since money is involved, reputation and risk management are even more important so please do your due diligence on the person you are considering buying or selling to before sending payment/Minnaars. Typically, the person with the weaker reputation sends the payment or artwork first.

If you have the weaker reputation and are selling a Minnaar, you might send the Token of Authenticity first, wait for payment, and then ship the physical artwork after receiving the payment.





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