“John Galt” – Minnaar No. 01060
18″ x 22.5″ watercolor

About Me

I am just a fellow traveler in this amazing journey. My interests include art, music, and philosophy. I invite you to walk with me a while, tell me a tale or two, and I will share a few of my own.

About My Art

My art is mostly whimsical, sometimes serious and, quite often, just odd. Maybe you can find one that makes you smile.

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Hidden Treasure

Each Minnaar contains a clue to a hidden treasure.

How to Buy, Sell or Trade

I actively buy, sell, and trade my art. Unless otherwise stated in the catalogue, the price and Trade Value of One Minnaar is pegged to the price of gold and Fractional Minnaars are valued at their fractional equivalent (with The World’s Most Expensive Artwork being a notable exception):

One Minnaar = Price of 1 oz. Gold

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All Minnaars come with a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

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