The Art of Steven Minnaar

Minnaar #01060 – 18″ x 22.5″ watercolor

Artist Steven Minnaar has created the world’s first treasure hunt art collection that you can buy, sell and trade for bitcoin.

Art lovers and treasure hunters can collect and trade Steven’s original artwork and trading cards and join the search for hidden treasure. Each artwork contains 1 or more of 24 words that can unlock a treasure of over 1 full bitcoin, 10 ounces of gold, 100 ounces of silver, and 1,000 Minnaar artworks.


The Minnaar Treasure

1.01542170 bitcoin

10 oz gold

100 oz Silver

1,000 Minnaars


How to Unlock the Minnaar Treasure

The private key to the bitcoin address below was created with a 24-word passphrase arranged in a specific order. Each Minnaar comes with all 24 words arranged in a random order.  Fractional Minnaars and Trading Cards come with just one word each and sell at a fraction of the price.

Collect and trade Minnaars to pick up all 24 words and then see if you can put them in the right order to generate the private key (click here for step-by-step instructions).

Be the first and you can immediately take the bitcoin. Then contact Steven to claim the balance of the treasure. The bitcoin balance is funded by treasure hunters from around the world who regularly add to the balance. How high will it go?

Bitcoin Address:


Minnaar #01701 11″ x 14″ watercolor on paper

How to Buy, Sell or Trade

Steven buys and sells Minnaars for 0.05 bitcoin each and trades Minnaars 1 for 1.

Fractional Minnaars trade at the corresponding fractional amount.

View Steven’s available artworks and then contact him if you wish to trade or you can visit the Collectors Forum to buy, sell and trade with other collectors and various currencies.

Fractional Minnaars and Trading Cards

A Fractional Minnaar is one of multiple pieces that make up a complete Minnaar. Trading Cards are considered Fractional Minnaars. They are available individually at the equivalent fractional amount.

Fractional Minnaars contain 1 of the 24 words that can unlock the Bitcoin Treasure when arranged in the right combination. They are a great way to collect in smaller denominations.

Minnaar – 00896 #4 of 24 (Fractional Minnaar)


Steven releases just 1 new artwork per day and there are currently less than 2,000 in existence. 1,000 of these are set aside as part of the Minnaar Treasure.

(view the collection)

Token of Authenticity

Each Minnaar comes with a Token of Authenticity (ToA) registered on the Liquid Network (a Bitcoin sidechain). Possession of this token serves as provenance and can support the authenticity of the accompanying physical artwork. Each Minnaar has a unique ToA which can be verified in the description of each Minnaar in the catalogue. The ToA helps protect buyers and sellers when transacting between private parties and should be verified and included with the transfer of the artwork when trading or selling.

To receive a Token of Authenticity you will need a Liquid Wallet. We suggest downloading the or Blockstream Green wallet app. Open your Liquid wallet to generate a Liquid Address to receive your ToA.

Minnaar #01045 “The Appraisal” 11″ x 15″ watercolor

Key Features of the Collection

  • Steven buys and sells Minnaars for 0.05 bitcoin each and trades Minnaars 1 for 1.
  • Each Minnaar comes with a Token of Authenticity that cryptographically proves provenance
  • Each Minnaar has one or more of 24 words to a combination that can unlock the Minnaar Treasure when arranged in the correct order
  • Fractional Minnaars provide a variety of trade values
  • Minnaars are scarce – Steven releases just 1 new artwork per day.
  • Community – we have an active and exciting community of collectors and traders


Q & A with Steven Minnaar

Minnaar #00545

What is the Minnaar Art Collection?

Minnaars are a collection of original artworks that I am releasing at the rate of 1 per day and each Minnaar can be exchanged for bitcoin or any other Minnaar that I have available now or in the future. And, just for fun, each artwork contains a clue to a hidden treasure.

Through my art, I challenge people to examine their perceptions of money, art and value. What is money? What is art? What makes some things more valuable than others?

It is also my desire to encourage people to experience more art in real life as opposed to looking at pictures on a tiny screen. There is nothing like experiencing the actual scale, texture, and context of a great work of art in real life.

You buy and sell each Minnaar for 0.05 bitcoin and you exchange Minnaars 1 for 1. That is pretty significant…

Many people collect my art because they know that they can trade it for bitcoin or for another Minnaar, but they tend to keep their favorites because they feel that a Minnaar can pay dividends every time you look at it. Due to their scarcity, few people will ever be able to own a full bitcoin and even fewer will ever be able to own a full Minnaar.

What inspired you to create the Minnaar Collection?

Necessity is the mother of invention. In 2021 I found myself dead broke after a series of personal and financial tragedies. I knew that when one has a money problem, what one really has is an idea problem. So I came up with the bright idea of painting my own money. What did I have to lose? I had already lost everything. Andy Warhol is famous for saying that “making money is art”. I make art money.

Minnaar – 00400
“CD” 15″ × 18″ watercolor.

Tell us about more about your art and creative process…

When I begin each day I may only have a basic idea of what I am going to create. I set the intention and then let the canvas tell me what it wants.

The collection is a real-time diary of my creative journey. My work is mostly whimsical, sometimes serious, and quite often just odd.

Minnaar – 01050 “Voyeur” 11″ x 15″ Watercolor on paper

You paint in many different styles, sizes and mediums – why is that?

That is what is most interesting and challenging to me. I like to explore multiple themes, styles and mediums. Minnaars come in various sizes ranging from small pieces that can fit in your wallet to larger pieces that can be displayed on your wall.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than to start with an idea and then turn it into something tangible.  To grow, imagine and create – that is the essence of life in my opinion and it is the idea that dictates the medium and style that I use for each artwork.

Minnaar – 01404
The Minnaar Watch

Tell us about the Minnaar Treasure…

The Minnaar Treasure is a private key that controls over 1 full bitcoin and it unlocks the right to take the bitcoin and receive 10 ounces of gold, 100 ounces if silver, and 1,000 Minnaar Artworks. Each full Minnaar contains all 24 words that can generate the “private key” when arranged in the right order. Trading Cards and Fractional Minnaars have just one of the words.

The order of the words was generated using a special randomization script so that no one – including myself – knows the correct order. It is regularly funded by treasure hunters and anybody can add to the balance. The first person to solve the combination can take the bitcoin and claim the balance of the Treasure.

Can you imagine what the Minnaar Treasure will be worth generations from now? I can see my great-grandchildren trying to crack it now…

What are the odds of getting the right combination to unlock the Minnaar Treasure?

About one in a gazillion! Nevertheless, once you have collected all 24 words, you will have unlimited guesses and it is possible to guess the correct combination on your very first try. It is like getting unlimited lottery plays.

Minnaar – 00527
30″ x 22″ Watercolor

Which Minnaars are you most proud of and why?

Ah, there are so many! Here are just a few (click on the images to magnify):

#01776 – “Create a Stir in the World”

01776 – “Create a Stir in the World” 
“When the motives of artists are profound, when they are at their work as a result of deep consideration, when they believe in the importance of what they are doing, their work creates a stir in the world.” – Robert Henri

Minnaar – 00108 “The Cure” 22″ x 30″

00108 – “The Cure” – Historically significant, I painted this in 2020 when lockdowns were put into place.

Minnaar – 00124 24″ x 18″ charcoal on paper

00124 – I love this one due to its sheer eroticism. The expression on the lips, the posture, the hand…and the marbling texture of the breast. Charcoal is such a sensual medium to work with because you are able to blend and shape it with your hands.

Minnaar – 00550 22″ x 30″ watercolor
Minnaar – 00531 22″ x 27.5″ watercolor

00531 and 00550 I love these for their overall mood – they are both quite large and amazing to see in real life.

Minnaar – 00356 20″ x 16″ “Secrets of the Universe” acrylic on canvas

00356 thru 00367 – “Secrets of The Universe” I love this series because it truly does contain the secrets of the universe. They came to me through divine inspiration but I have yet to figure out what they mean…

Minnaar #00438 “The Tales of Eve” – 19.5″ x 15″ watercolor
#00439 – 11″ x 8.5″ pencil on paper

00439 and 00438 – I love these two for the colors, composition, and the expressions. Similar yet different.

00377 – “Pleasure and Pain” 20″ x 16″ acrylic and collage on canvas

00377 – “Pleasure and Pain” – Freud would have something to say about this one…

Minnaar #01630 – “The Meetup” 8.5″ x 11″ Original Signed Photograph

The Meetup” – Peer to Peer trading – what can be better?

01442 – “The Journey” 8.5″ x 11″ gouache on ivory paper

“The Journey” – Each painting in this series symbolizes, celebrates and honors our individual journeys.

Like the captain of a sailboat, we must frequently “adjust our sails” as we face new challenges in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.

While we set our sights on worthwhile destinations, it is this journey that is happening in the here and now that matters most. This is the adventure of life that we can experience in totality – in this moment!

Each original painting is similar yet different – every one is entirely unique – just like each of us. I invite you to search the series and find the perfect painting to symbolize, celebrate and honor your journey.

#01702 “Blossom”


100 Crayon sculpture – fractionalized to 10,000 signatures made with the crayons and sold individually at 0.0005 bitcoin each.

When you purchase one of these, you will receive my signature made with one of these crayons along with the Token of Authenticity. Print and frame the image with the original signature and proudly display it on your wall.

How to Buy, Sell and Trade

Steven buys and sells Minnaars for 0.05 bitcoin each and trades Minnaars 1 for 1.

Fractional Minnaars trade at the corresponding fractional amount.

View Steven’s available artworks and then contact him if you wish to trade or you can visit the Collectors Forum to buy, sell and trade with other collectors and various currencies.

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