Minnaar No. 02189

About My Art

Love, Life, and Liberty are the central themes in my art. I invite you to explore my collection and see what you can discover.


Minnaars can be exchanged 1 for 1 and Fractional Minnaars can be exchanged for their fractional equivalent. You can exchange Minnaars as often as you wish.

Scarcity and Abundance 

I have released only 1,700 Minnaars into circulation. The rest of my collection – including new works – are available for exchange only.

To acquire a Minnaar from my available collection, purchase one on the secondary market, or buy one that is on consignment, and you can trade it in for the Minnaar that you would like to own.

Gold Minnaar No. 02529


All Minnaars come with a digital Certificate of Authenticity.

The Minnaar Treasure

Each Minnaar comes with 24 words that can unlock a treasure containing 1.01543777 bitcoin when arranged in the right combination. Guess the right combination and the treasure is yours for the taking.

“Forever Flowers” Minnaar No. 02533

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