The “Peer-to-Peer” Limited Collection

The “Peer-to-Peer” Limited Collection

This exclusive collection celebrates the creation of bitcoin and peer-to-peer value exchange. Limited to just 10,000 pieces, each original painting comes with a Token of Authenticity issued on the Liquid Network.

Created to be traded, each painting is a unique, physical artwork hand-painted by myself and contains on the reverse 1 or more of 24 words that can unlock a bitcoin treasure when arranged in the right combination.

Value: I buy and sell these for 400,000 satoshis each (0.004 bitcoin)

You can search the hashtag “#Minnaar” on social media to find private collectors who buy and sell with other payment types. Make sure to follow the Safe Trading Practices when trading with third parties.

Place your order below to receive the next available painting in the collection. Orders are processed in the order that they are received. Contact me if you have one to sell.

After making your payment, send me your Transaction ID and shipping address to complete your order:

View the paintings as they are released in real-time here:

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