“Revolution” – 54″ x 36″ Minnaar No. 02589

About Me

About The Collection 

Consisting of over 2,500 works, I use my art to promote the ideas of love, life, and liberty. My purpose is to help bring more beauty and freedom into the world, and I invite you to join me.

Gold Minnaar No. 02529


All Minnaars come with a Token of Authenticity assuring provenance and authenticity.

The Minnaar Treasure

Included with each Minnaar are 24 words that can unlock a treasure containing 1.01543777 bitcoin when arranged in the right combination. Guess the right combination and take the bitcoin.


Minnaars can be traded 1 for 1 and fractional Minnaars can be traded for their fractional equivalent.

Scarcity and Abundance 

My art serves as my store of value, so I only sell or trade a limited number each year. The balance of the collection is made available to current owners for exchange only.

Price and Availability

The current price of One Minnaar is 10 oz gold and fractional Minnaars are priced at their fractional equivalent. There is currently a waiting list, but you can contact me to reserve a Minnaar and get on the list.

“Forever Flowers” Minnaar No. 02533

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