Today’s Minnaar Money #00507 “Invisible Minnaar”



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The Minnaar Money Collection

Through the Minnaar Money Collection I challenge (and sometimes poke fun at) the very meaning of art, value and money. My work reflects the way I see the world which is mostly whimsical, sometimes serious, and – quite often – just odd.

The collection consists of 10,000 mystery artworks created and released at the rate of 1 per day over 10,000 days. Ranging from paintings to sculpture and more, each Minnaar can be exchanged for any other Minnaar now or in the future (hence the term Minnaar Money) and every Minnaar contains a clue to the Minnaar Treasure. The treasure contains more than one full bitcoin.

My goal, like any good business, is to foster demand so that it far exceeds supply resulting in the continual rise in the price and value of Minnaars. My target price is $20,000 per Minnaar by 2027 and “to the moon” after that. Why not? What if a Minnaar on the wall is better than money in the bank ?

So far so good as my works are sold out months in advance and the price is rising daily. There are currently less than 600 Minnaars in circulation and it will take another 26 years for all 10,000 to be released. Can you imagine what the Minnaar Treasure will be worth by then?

The Minnaar Treasure

The private key to the bitcoin address below was created with a series of 24 clues.

Each Minnaar contains one or more of these clues. Use them to discover the private key and you can take the bitcoin residing at the following address:


Current Balance

1.00224628 BTC

Trade Minnaars to pick up more clues and you may discover “easter eggs” along the way…

This treasure is 100% community funded by Collectors, Traders and Treasure Hunters who regularly add to the balance.

How To Buy

There is currently a 90-day backorder and the price increases daily as the supply drops but you can reserve yours now and lock-in today’s price. Your artwork will remain a mystery until you receive it at which time you can hold it, trade it, or sell it in our online community. Minnaars are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are shipped as they are completed.

Reserve yours now:


Q. What happens when I order and reserve my Minnaar today?

A. When you order today, you will lock-in today’s price and the next available Minnaar will be shipped to you when it is completed. The artwork you receive will remain a mystery until you receive it and that is part of the fun! I am currently back-ordered months in advance so reserve yours now and then join our online community to learn more while you wait.

Q. What if I don’t like the one I receive?

A. Write down the clue(s) from the reverse of the painting and then offer it for sale or trade in our online community. You can also exchange it straight across for any other Minnaar that I have available. With me, one Minnaar is always worth one Minnaar – hence the term Minnaar Money. Just contact me if you would like to trade your Minnaar.

Q. What if I want a Minnaar today and I don’t want to wait?

A. Check our online community for available works or post a notice that you are looking to buy.

Q. What happens if you die before all 10,000 are completed?

A. I am pretty healthy and I plan on living a long life. Nevertheless, if I am called away earlier than planned, I have made arrangements to have my cremated remains divided and distributed to complete the collection. My art always has been – and always will be – a piece of me!

Q. What are the best practices when buying/selling/trading with other collectors?

A. If you are local to each other then it is a simple matter of meeting up in a public place and doing the deal. Otherwise, you can sell or buy through a channel like eBay where there are buyer/seller protections in place.

Alternatively, you can negotiate to buy the NFT Digital Certificate of Authenticity (NFT COA) instantly on and have the seller send you the physical artwork when you buy the NFT. This gives you instant ownership of the NFT COA and, if the seller doesn’t send you the physical artwork, they will have a difficult time selling the physical artwork thereafter. For this reason, it is a good idea to request a NFT COA when you buy directly from If you do not presently have a NFT COA for your artwork, please contact me to request one. Only trust NFT COAs that are issued from

Q. What happens if someone discovers and claims the bitcoin treasure?

A. We will take the same set of clues and scramble them again to generate a new bitcoin address/private key so the community of treasure hunters can start adding to the treasure and begin hunting all over again!

Q. Sounds like fun, where do I start?

A. Place your order now to lock-in today’s price and reserve your place in line. Then join our online community to learn and discuss!

Watch Steven’s LIVE presentation at the January 11, 2022 Bitcoin Meetup in San Diego: