Crypto Art Money by Steven Minnaar

Minnaar Money – Current Exchange Rate:


Minnaar Money #00132 by Steven Minnaar. 4″ x 6″ watercolor


Minnaar Money – Quick Stats:

Synopsis: Crypto Art Money with Hidden Treasure – Featuring the Original Art of Steven Minnaar
Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Artwork
Inception: June 6, 2021
Initial Exchange Rate: $10
Current Exchange Rate:
Rate of Increase:
$10 every 14 days for first 10 years then +$50 every 14 days thereafter
Next Rate Increase: 8-1-2021
Appreciation % Next 24 Months: 1,300%
Supply Limit: 21,000 unique artworks
(minted at the rate of 3+ per day)
Minted To Date: 159
Current Hidden Treasure Balance: 0.05253030 BTC


Each Minnaar Money Artwork:

  • is an actual physical artwork created (minted) by Steven Minnaar
  • is released at the average rate of 3+ per day and total supply is capped at 21,000. (NFT Option: You can immediately purchase an NFT which can be exchanged for the physical artwork in the future)
  • is an original creation of the artist
  • can be spent like money towards any of Steven’s current and future artwork as well as at participating merchants
  • appreciates in purchasing power at the rate of +$10 every 14 days for the first 10 years and then +$50 every 14 days thereafter
  • contains a clue to a hidden bitcoin treasure
  • contains multiple anti-counterfeiting measures
  • is available for pre-order while supplies last

Hidden Treasure

Each physical artwork contains a clue that leads to a Bitcoin Private Key. If you can solve the puzzle, you can take the bitcoin at the corresponding bitcoin address below. By collecting or trading you can pick up more clues.

The bitcoin balance will be increased until one of the following occurs:

  1. it is claimed
  2. it reaches a value of $1,000,000

Click on the QR code to view the current balance:



Each artwork contains multiple overt and covert anti-counterfeiting measures. Each original and unique artwork is hand-signed, individually numbered and contains a microdot and security hologram on the reverse.

Collector Friendly

Minnaar Money artworks are posted and indexed on this site as they are created and they are easily searchable by entering the serial number in the search bar.

NFT Option

You can request an immediate NFT which can be exchanged for the physical artwork when it is completed or at any other time in the future. If you select this option, the NFT will be required to be tendered in order to receive the physical artwork. This may incur an additional shipping charge depending on the size of the artwork and the shipping destination. You are free to transfer your ownership rights by transferring the NFT. To request the NFT, please mention it in the “Order Notes” section of your Order Form when checking out.

21,000 Club

No more than 21,000 people can own a Minnaar Money artwork. In fact, the number is considerably smaller because many collectors own more than one. As a member of this exclusive club you will have special perks including free admission to our annual Minnaar Money Art Show where collectors and fans can gather to see, show and trade Minnaar Money artworks. Our first show will be held in the fall of 2022 in San Diego, California.


While supplies last, you can pre-order now to lock in the current price and you will have the option to receive an immediate NFT that can be exchanged for the artwork once completed. Minnaar Money Artworks are released at an average of 3 per day.

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