Minnaar Money – Hidden Treasure Mystery Art Money

Minnaar Money – 01026
“The Orange Peels”
2.5″ x 3.5″
Watercolor, pencil and ink


A modern-day alchemist, artist Steven Minnaar transforms his art into money – Minnaar money. The collection is named “Minnaar Money” because they are “created to be traded”. The collection contains a variety of sizes, styles and mediums and each Minnaar has one thing in common: each Minnaar can be traded for any other available Minnaar.

Extremely rare and released at the average rate of just a handful each week, these mystery artworks are only available by pre-order.

By design, each Minnaar contains a clue to a Hidden Bitcoin Treasure containing over one full bitcoin. Collectors actively collect and trade Minnaars to experience multiple artworks and pick up more clues. When a collector receives their Mystery Minnaar they can elect to keep it or they can trade it.

The Bitcoin Treasure

The private key to the bitcoin address below was created with a randomized 24 word passphrase. Each Minnaar contains one or more of these words. Collect the words, put them in the right combination (using a tool like https://bitaddress.org), and you can take the following bitcoin:


Current Balance:

1.00224628 BTC

Current Value of One Bitcoin:

This treasure is 100% community funded by Collectors, Traders and Treasure Hunters. You can collect or trade Minnaars to pick up more words. We will continue to add bitcoin to the balance until it is found. When the treasure is found, the same 24 words will be scrambled again to create another bitcoin treasure and the hunt will continue.




One Minnaar = One Minnaar


One Minnaar always equals One Minnaar which means each Minnaar can be “spent like money” and traded straight across for any other available Minnaar.

“Pocket Money” Series featuring original 2.5″ x 3.5″ paintings. These “miniature masterpieces” come in a hard plastic protective sleeve. Click on image to enlarge


Steven creates and releases a handful of new Minnaars each week and there are currently less than 1,100 Minnaars in circulation. Total supply will be limited to 10,000 pieces created over the remainder of his lifetime. The price of Minnaars increases daily with each new sale. There is currently a 30-day waiting list but you can pre-order now to lock-in today’s price and you will receive the next available Minnaar.

Minnaar Money Club

When you place your first order you will receive an invitation link to our private Telegram Group where you can join our exclusive community of Minnaar Money Collectors. Your membership gives you exclusive access to:

  • Online Trading & Discussion
  • Lunch & Dinner Meetups
  • Giveaways
  • Excursions
  • Exhibitions
  • & much more





Minnaar Money – 00896 Fractionalized #4


Q & A with Steven Minnaar

Minnaar Money – 00545
Steven Minnaar – Self Portrait
30″ x 22″ watercolor

What is Minnaar Money?

Minnaar Money are a collection of original, mystery artworks that I create and release weekly. I call them “Minnaar Money” because each Minnaar can be traded straight across for any other Minnaar that I have available now or in the future and they each contain a clue to a hidden bitcoin treasure.

What is your story?

I am just a guy who loves freedom and art. I became serious about my art after the loss of my wife to breast cancer in 2017. It was a poignant reminder to not delay the pursuit of dreams.

I’ve been a student of finance, economics and liberty for over 30 years. My favorite thinkers include Robert LeFevre, Ludwig von Mises, Lysander Spooner, Harry Browne, and Samuel Edward Konkin, III.

My favorite artists are too numerous to count but you can see their influences throughout my collection.

Tell us about your art…

The Minnaar Money Collection is a real-time diary of my creative journey. Through this collection, I challenge people to examine their perceptions of art, money and value. My work is mostly whimsical, sometimes serious, and quite often just odd.

When I begin each day I have no idea what I am going to create. I set the intention and let the universe tell me what it wants. The only constants are that Minnaars are exchangeable one-to-one and each artwork is physical and tangible.

There is a world of difference between experiencing a work of art in real life compared to viewing a picture of it on a 3-inch screen. You cannot experience the true scale, color, texture and impact when looking at a tiny digital reproduction through your phone or computer. This is why I created the bitcoin treasure. Collectors must trade and experience my art in order to pick up the clues to the hidden treasure.

You have often said that Minnaar Money is a “cryptic” currency as opposed to a “crypto-currency” – why is that?

Minnaar Money is a “cryptic” currency because many people don’t get it at first. Once they recognize how the entire project is itself an exciting work of art, they quickly become very enthusiastic about it.

Minnaar Money has its own blockchain (see #’s 00404 thru 00413) and the collection is secured by “proof of artwork” in the form of my own blood, sweat and tears. I create or “mine” by hand an average of one new artwork each day so supply is extremely limited and naturally regulated.

Minnaar Money – 00407 thru 00409
“Artist’s Blocks” forming a “blockchain”

You have a broad range of styles, mediums and sizes ranging from large pieces all the way down to very small pieces which some collectors have called “miniature masterpieces” and “rich man’s trading cards”. What can you say about the range of work that you create?

I believe one of my strengths is the ability to see things in a different way and to then translate these ideas into a variety of sizes, mediums and surfaces. I enjoy creating small works just as much as I enjoy creating large works and they each have their own unique qualities. I paint every day and I find that changing it up allows me to stay fresh as I can move freely between various sizes and mediums.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than to start with an idea and then turn it into something tangible.  To grow, imagine and create – that is the essence of life in my opinion.

The price of Minnaar Money has risen over 20,000% since inception. Why is that?

I believe that people are searching for something real and unique. They want assets that aren’t someone else’s liability – assets that they can really own and enjoy at the same time.

Traditional assets like stocks and bonds – even dollar bills under the mattress – come with significant counter-party risk. When your assets are someone else’s liability, you are at risk that the other party may default on their obligation to deliver them to you. History is replete with examples of bank defaults, currency devaluations, and outright confiscation.

Minnaar Money are unique, scarce and small enough to hold in your hands or large enough to hang on your wall. Their aesthetic appeal pays dividends every time you look them. I like to think that a Minnaar on the wall is better than money in the bank.

Tell us about the Bitcoin Treasure…

The Bitcoin Treasure is a private key that controls over 1 full bitcoin. Each of my artworks contains one of 24 words that can generate the “private key” when arranged in the right combination. It was created using a special randomization script so no one – including myself – knows the correct order. It is funded by collectors and traders and the balance will continue to grow over time until it is cracked and claimed. If it is claimed in my lifetime, I will randomize the same 24 words again to create a new private key which we can fund and begin the game anew.

The odds of getting the right combination are incredibly remote because there are so many possible combinations. Nevertheless, all it takes is the right guess and it can happen on the first try or the billionth try. Once you have collected all 24 words it is like having a lottery ticket with unlimited tries.

Imagine what the bitcoin will be worth generations from now if it remains unclaimed. Can you see your great grandkids having fun trying to crack the code with their supercomputers?

Which Minnaar Money are you most proud of and why?

Ah, there are so many! Here are just a few (click on the images to magnify):

Minnaar Money – 00108 “The Cure” 22″ x 30″

00108 – “The Cure” – Historically significant, I painted this soon after the pandemic started and the lockdowns were put into place. Among other things, it was pure evil and quite insulting when a small group of people declared that some jobs were “essential” and others were not. They then backed this ideology with force and violence. This painting came to me in a dream and it was born out of this frustration. It represents the heavy-handed response that caused far more harm than good. I actually carried this painting in several lockdown protests in Southern California. 00378 thru 00381 were also in response to the lockdowns.

Minnaar Money – 00124 24″ x 18″ charcoal on paper

00124 – I love this one due to its sheer eroticism. The expression on the lips, the posture, the hand…and the marbling texture of the breast. Charcoal is such a sensual medium to work with because you are able to blend and shape it with your hands.

Minnaar Money – 00550 22″ x 30″ watercolor
Minnaar Money – 00531 22″ x 27.5″ watercolor

00531 and 00550 I love these for their overall mood – they are both quite large and amazing to see in real life.

Minnaar Money – 00356 20″ x 16″ “Secrets of the Universe” acrylic on canvas

00356 thru 00367 – “Secrets of The Universe” I love this series because it truly contains the secrets of the universe.

Minnaar Money #00438 – 19.5″ x 15″ watercolor
#00439 – 11″ x 8.5″ pencil on paper

00439 and 00438 – I love these two for the colors, composition, and the expressions. Similar yet different.

00377 – “Pleasure and Pain” 20″ x 16″ acrylic and collage on canvas

00377 – “Pleasure and Pain” – Freud would have something to say about this one…

Minnaar Money – 00368 “A New Hope” 16″×20″ acrylic and paper collage on canvas

00368 – “A New Hope” This is a representation of the battle between good and evil. It depicts the violence that some people inflict on others under the guise of “government authority”. But there is a new hope – if you look closely you can see the bitcoin symbol in the sun which represents an opportunity to achieve greater freedom and happiness.

Minnaar Money – 00556 “The Pursuit of Happiness” 15″ x 19″ watercolor and pencil

00556 – “The Pursuit of Happiness” – This one also came to me in a dream. I think it is self-explanatory…

If you could summarize, what makes Minnaar Money so valuable?

Collectors buy Minnaars because they are:

  • Fun
  • Unique
  • Exclusive
  • Tangible
  • Scarce
  • Portable
  • Engaging
  • Interchangeable

I encourage people to experience as many of my artworks as possible. There is nothing like seeing them in real life.

How To Collect Minnaars

You can pre-order now to lock-in today’s price and receive the next available Minnaar. Orders are filled in the order they are received. There is currently about a 30-day backorder. Once you acquire your first Minnaar you will receive an invite link to join our private Telegram Group where you can discuss, buy, sell and trade with other collectors: