The Art of Hidden Treasure

Minnaar Money #01045
“The Appraisal”
11″ x 15″ watercolor

Minnaar Money

The Minnaar Money Collection are 10,000 artworks designed to be collected and traded as each artwork contains a clue to a hidden treasure valued at over $1,400,000.

Artist Steven Minnaar began the project in June of 2021 and has released over 1,400 artworks so far. Each Minnaar Money can be traded straight across for any other available Minnaar now or in the future.

The Minnaar Treasure

The Minnaar Treasure has a combined value of over $1,400,000 and contains 10 ounces of gold, 1 full bitcoin and 1,000 Minnaar Money Artworks.

How To Find The Hidden Treasure

The private key to the bitcoin address below was created with a randomized 24-word passphrase. Each artwork contains one or more of these words. Collect and trade artworks to pick up all the words and then see if you can put them in the right combination to generate the private key (click here for step-by-step instructions). Be the first and you can take the bitcoin instantly and then you have 90 days to claim the gold and Minnaar Money:


Approximate Value of The Minnaar Treasure:


You can collect or trade Minnaars (Minnaar Money and Doodle Dollars) to pick up more clues.

“The Minnaar Prospector”  18″ x 22.5″ watercolor – Minnaar Money #01060


Steven releases new artworks weekly and the price goes up by $1 with each new release – reaching $10,000 per Minnaar when the final piece is completed. At that time the Minnaar Treasure will surpass $10,000,000 in value.








Minnaar Money “Savings Account” Vault Service 

You can now leave your Minnaar Money “on deposit” until you are ready to take delivery. Our complimentary Vault Storage will allow you to grow your collection as large as you like without the need for extra storage.

VIP Club

VIP Members enjoy exclusive invitation to private, in-person monthly VIP events around the world where you can network, trade, share and discuss Minnaar Money with other VIP Members. You will also gain access to our private, online community. Membership requires ownership of at least one Minnaar Money artwork. Click here to become a VIP Member and order your Minnaar Money.

Fractional Minnaars

A Fractional Minnaar is one of multiple pieces that make up a complete Minnaar Money and they are sold individually at a fraction of the price.

Each Fractional Minnaar contains 1 of the 24 words that can unlock the Bitcoin Treasure when arranged in the right combination.

Minnaar Money – 00896 #4 of 24 (Fractional Minnaar)

Doodle Dollars

Doodle Dollars are small, individually numbered doodles that have a face value denominated in “Doodle Dollars” or “DD”. One Doodle Dollar has an exchange value of 1/1,000th of a Minnaar Money and they can be used towards the purchase of Minnaar Money and other Doodle Dollars. They are a great way to start collecting on a budget because they can be purchased for as little as $25.

Doodle Dollar #2 
“TEN DD (Doodle Dollars)”
6″ x 4″ ink on paper

Exchange Value


1 Minnaar Money
1,000 Doodle Dollars


One Minnaar Money always equals One Minnaar Money which means each Minnaar can be traded straight across for any other available Minnaar now or in the future. Doodle Dollars are exchangeable for Minnaar Money at 1,000 to 1.

Minnaar Money – 00607
2.5″ x 3.5″ Watercolor and pencil

How To Get Your Minnaar Money and Doodle Dollars

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Q & A with Steven Minnaar

Minnaar Money – 00545
Steven Minnaar – Self Portrait
30″ x 22″ watercolor

What is Minnaar Money?

Minnaar Money are a collection of 10,000 original artworks that I am creating and releasing over the coming years. I call them “Minnaar Money” because each Minnaar can be exchanged for any other Minnaar that I have available now or in the future and each artwork contains a clue to a hidden treasure.

Almost any scarce asset has proven to be a better store of value than government-issued money so I offer my Minnaar Money Art Collection as a fun and potentially profitable alternative.

Central bank money-printing has financed endless wars and destroyed countless lives throughout history. There are few things more insidious than the current monetary system. If you look closely you can see it, not only in rising prices, but in the loss of freedoms through global power-plays.

Minnaar Money – 00400
“CD” 15″ × 18″ watercolor.

Tell us about more about your art and creative process…

When I begin each day I may only have a basic idea what I am going to create. I set the intention and then let the universe tell me what it wants. The only constants are that Minnaars are exchangeable one-to-one and each artwork is physical and tangible.

The Minnaar Money Collection is a real-time diary of my creative journey. My work is mostly whimsical, sometimes serious, and quite often just odd.

I want people to trade and experience as many of my artworks as possible. To incentivize this I created the Minnaar Treasure and added clues to each artwork. Next, I created the exchange rate where one Minnaar can be traded for another Minnaar. Now, for the price of just one Minnaar Money, a person can trade and experience as many artworks as they can while meeting new and interesting people along the way.

There is a world of difference between experiencing a work of art in real life compared to viewing a picture of it on a 3-inch screen. You cannot experience the true scale, color, texture and impact when looking at a tiny digital reproduction through your phone or computer.

Minnaar Money – 01050 “Voyeur” 11″ x 15″ Watercolor on paper

You paint in many different styles, sizes and mediums – why is that?

That is what is most interesting and challenging to me. I like to explore multiple themes, styles and mediums. In keeping with the idea of creating a concentrated store of value, Minnaar Money comes in various sizes from small pieces that can be stored in a safe or a suitcase to larger pieces that can be displayed on your wall.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than to start with an idea and then turn it into something tangible.  To grow, imagine and create – that is the essence of life in my opinion and it is the idea that dictates the medium and style that I use for each artwork.

You once said that Minnaar Money is a “cryptic” currency as opposed to a “crypto-currency” – why is that?

Minnaar Money is a “cryptic” currency because many people don’t get it at first. Once they realize that the collection is one giant conceptual piece, they become quite enthusiastic about it.

Minnaar Money is secured by “proof of artwork” and I create only a handful of artworks each week so supply is extremely limited and naturally regulated.

Minnaar Money – 00407 thru 00409
“Artist’s Blocks” forming a “blockchain”

Tell us about the Minnaar Treasure…

The Minnaar Treasure is a private key that controls over 1 full bitcoin and it unlocks the right to take the bitcoin and receive 10 ounces of gold plus 1,000 Minnaar Money Artworks that are set aside from the collection. Each of my artworks contains one of 24 words that can generate the “private key” when arranged in the right combination. It was created using a special randomization script so no one – including myself – knows the correct order. It is funded by collectors and traders and anybody can add to the balance. The first person to solve the combination can claim the Minnaar Treasure.

I believe everyone should own bitcoin, gold and collectibles like Minnaar Money. This gives them the advantage of owning some of the world’s rarest assets. These assets can be a refuge from the storm that is coming as a direct result of governments destroying their currencies through inflation.

With only 10,000 Minnaar Money ever to be created, not everyone will be able to own one. With limited supply and increasing demand, I see the prices continuing to rise. Can you imagine what the Minnaar Treasure will be worth generations from now if it remains undiscovered?

Minnaar Money – 00527
30″ x 22″ Watercolor

Which Minnaar Money are you most proud of and why?

Ah, there are so many! Here are just a few (click on the images to magnify):

Minnaar Money – 00108 “The Cure” 22″ x 30″

00108 – “The Cure” – Historically significant, I painted this soon after the pandemic started and the lockdowns were put into place. The audacity to declare some jobs “non-essential” was an insult to humanity. This painting came to me in a dream and it was born out of this frustration. It represents the heavy-handed response that caused far more harm than good. I actually carried this painting in several lockdown protests in Southern California. 00378 thru 00381 were also in response to the lockdowns.

Minnaar Money – 00124 24″ x 18″ charcoal on paper

00124 – I love this one due to its sheer eroticism. The expression on the lips, the posture, the hand…and the marbling texture of the breast. Charcoal is such a sensual medium to work with because you are able to blend and shape it with your hands.

Minnaar Money – 00550 22″ x 30″ watercolor
Minnaar Money – 00531 22″ x 27.5″ watercolor

00531 and 00550 I love these for their overall mood – they are both quite large and amazing to see in real life.

Minnaar Money – 00356 20″ x 16″ “Secrets of the Universe” acrylic on canvas

00356 thru 00367 – “Secrets of The Universe” I love this series because it truly does contain the secrets of the universe. They came to me through divine inspiration but I have not figured out what they mean yet…

Minnaar Money #00438 – 19.5″ x 15″ watercolor
#00439 – 11″ x 8.5″ pencil on paper

00439 and 00438 – I love these two for the colors, composition, and the expressions. Similar yet different.

00377 – “Pleasure and Pain” 20″ x 16″ acrylic and collage on canvas

00377 – “Pleasure and Pain” – Freud would have something to say about this one…

“Walking Around Money” – Minnaar Money #01029

01029 “Walking Around Money” These are my smelly, old Converse shoes. They have served me well and I turned them into money – Minnaar Money #01029.

They are size 10.5 and could use a serious deodorizing. I wear them frequently and will continue to do so until someone trades me for them.

Minnaar Money – 00556 “The Pursuit of Happiness” 15″ x 19″ watercolor and pencil

00556 – “The Pursuit of Happiness” – This one also came to me in a dream. I think it is self-explanatory…

If you could summarize, what makes Minnaar Money valuable?

There are as many reasons as there are collectors. For some it is the aesthetics. For others it is the conceptual themes that surface throughout the collection. For many it is the community. Then there are the treasure hunters, the savers and the speculators. Many collectors have found that it is more profitable to have a Minnaar on the wall than it is to have money in the bank. I am always interested to see what inspires people to own a Minnaar. For me, an artwork must stir something inside which causes the inescapable desire to possess it.

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