The Minnaar Treasure

Minnaar No. 00003

Collect and trade Minnaar art to pick up pieces to a combination that can unlock a treasure containing ‎1.01543777 bitcoin and 100 Minnaar artworks.

On the back of each Minnaar are 1 or more of 24 words that, when arranged in the right combination, will reveal a bitcoin private key that will allow you to take the bitcoin and claim 100 Minnaars of your choice from my collection.

Gold Minnaar No. 02529

Scarcity and Abundance

I create new artworks every day, but I only sell or spend into circulation a total of 1 Minnaar full each month. The rest are added to my collection and made available for exchange only to Minnaar owners.

1,405 have already been purchased and only 372 more will be sold over the next 30 years.

This creates a scarcity of circulating supply while providing a growing number of exchange opportunities for those who own my work and wish to own different Minnaars over time.

“Forever Flowers” Minnaar No. 02532

Trade Value

The current trade value of One Full Minnaar is 777 troy ounces of silver (or equivalent value) and fractional Minnaars are valued at of their fractional equivalent.

A fractional Minnaar is a Minnaar that has been divided into smaller pieces. They are labeled as such in my catalog.

The most popular trade denomination is 1/777th which can presently be purchased with 1 oz. silver or the equivalent.

When you acquire a Minnaar (or a fractional), it can be traded-in at any time for an equivalently-valued Minnaar from my collection.

Reserve your Minnaar

I only sell or trade fractional Minnaars totaling 1 full Minnaar each month and for a limited time you can still reserve a share of this limited, monthly supply before it is fully subscribed.

You can reserve as little as 1/777th Minnaar which sell for 1 oz. silver each (or the equivalent value in sats/bitcoin).

Once the total monthly allotment is spoken for, the only way to buy a Minnaar will be on the secondary market from existing holders in the Collector Forum.

Contact me now to reserve your monthly allocation and lock-in the current price.


All Minnaars, fractional Minnaars, and Limited Edition Prints, come with a digital Certificate of Authenticity.


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