The World’s Most Expensive Artwork – Minnaar #01702 (Fractionalized)

The World’s Most Expensive Artwork – Minnaar #01702 (Fractionalized)


The Coolest Art Thing Ever: Steven Minnaar’s Mind-Blowing Masterpiece, 100 Crayons Deep

Hey, man, check it out – there’s some crazy buzz happening in the art scene. Steven Minnaar, the dude with serious skills, just dropped a mind-blowing masterpiece, and it’s gonna blow your mind, man. Picture this: a crayon sculpture, yeah, you heard me right, made from a hundred crayons. It’s like, whoa, the dude’s taking art to a whole new level.

So get this, he’s doing something totally unheard of – breaking this bad boy into a zillion microscopic pieces, like 80 million of ’em. And get this, he’s trading these tiny wonders to the public, like, no more than 21 pieces a day. Can you dig it? At this rate, it’s gonna take more than 10,000 years to spread this masterpiece to the masses. Talk about playing the long game, man.

Now, here’s the kicker – each of these little gems can only be acquired by trading him one pound of grass-fed ribeye steak or the bitcoin equivalent. Today, he kicked off the trading, and bam, the total value soared to a mind-boggling 80 million ribeyes. That’s more loot than that da Vinci cat pulled in with his “Salvator Mundi” back in 2017. It’s like Minnaar’s taking the art world and giving it a serious run for its money, man.

And get this – each piece comes with a laminated card and a Token of Authenticity, so you know you’re getting the real deal. It’s literally your VIP ticket to the art party, man.

So, if you hurry and reserve yours now, you could be the proud owner of a piece of The World’s Most Expensive Artwork.

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