The Treasure

In 2021, I created a computer script that randomly generated a bitcoin address from 24 words without revealing the combination or the private key. As a result, no one, not even myself, knows the combination.

I then invited Minnaar collectors to donate bitcoin to the address to see how big it could get. It has now surpassed 1 full bitcoin.

I include one or more of these words on the back of each Minnaar.

Buy, sell, trade, and collect my art to pick up all 24 words words and see if you can find the correct combination to reveal the private key. If you are successful, you can take the bitcoin and pick 100 Minnaars from my available collection.

Click on the address below to see the current balance on the blockchain:


There are an incredible number of possible combinations and it will probably never be cracked but it is also possible to guess the right combination on the very first try. Why not give it a shot?

If the treasure is claimed in my lifetime, I will create a new one by randomizing the same 24 words to create a new private key, crowd-fund it with more bitcoin, and add another 100 Minnaars to it.

In the meantime, imagine what the value might grow to be in the years and centuries to come the longer it remains undiscovered.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for trying different combinations

Check out my art and start collecting.

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