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Minnaar Money – Original and Tradable Art by Steven Minnaar

Minnaar Money are 21,000 original paintings that I am creating to be used as a fun and unique alternative to everyday money. They can be collected, traded or spent at a growing number of participating merchants. They started at $10 each and they increase in trade value by $10 every 15 days.

Each Minnaar Money painting is individually signed, and sequentially numbered.

I began this project on June 5, 2021 and I create and release a handful of paintings each day. It will take about 15 years from start to finish with each new painting documenting this journey in real time. You can own a piece of this journey by pre-ordering now to lock-in the Current Trade Value listed above. Your order will be shipped in the order it was received. I am currently shipping the first 100 paintings.

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