Minnaar Money – The Tradable Art of Steven Minnaar

Minnaar Money – 00217 by Steven Minnaar


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The Art of Money

Through my art, I invite you to ponder the value of money and art as I create various artworks and christen them “Minnaar Money” or “Minnaars” for short. They include paintings, drawings, sculptures, ideas and everyday items that I transform into art and money – Minnaar money.

They are called “Minnaar Money” because they can be spent like money and exchanged 1:1 for any other artwork offered on this site anytime now or in the future. These artworks are “created to be traded” and each artwork contains a clue that can lead to the private key of a Hidden Bitcoin Treasure. The more you trade, the more clues you can pick up.

Minnaars come with matching NFTs and I estimate my total lifetime output will be in the neighborhood of 10,000 artworks. You can pre-purchase these at today’s prices by purchasing Minnaar Money Redemption Tokens.

The Story of Minnaar Money Art

For most of her life my grandmother hid dollars around her home as emergency savings. As she neared retirement I can only imagine the financial strain, confusion and disappointment she must have felt when she realized that her savings had lost over 90% of their purchasing power during this same time period.

Through the study of economics we learn that the essential characteristics of a good “store of value” are scarcity, fungibility, durability and utility.

As an artist I create this type of value through my Minnaar Money Art Project. Why not have art that you can enjoy while having the ability to sell it if you need it? I invite you to join me in this fun and creative journey by collecting and trading Minnaar art.

Collector Friendly

Artworks are posted and indexed on this site as they are released. Our Minnaar Collectors Telegram Group provides a convenient venue for discussing, collecting and trading Minnaar art.

Dollar Decay

Due its structural flaws, a dollar tomorrow is worth less than a dollar today and each day it takes one more dollar to buy a Minnaar artwork. Not to worry, you can purchase Minnaar Money Redemption Tokens to lock-in today’s price and you can redeem them any time in the future as I release new artworks. Take a look at the following chart to watch the decaying purchasing power of the dollar in relation to Minnaars:

Price History

Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

The private key to the bitcoin address below was created with 24 words. Each artwork contains one of these words. Collect all 24 words, arrange them in the right combination and you can take the bitcoin.

When the treasure is found, the same words will be re-used to generate a new private key and the hunt will start all over again.

This Treasure Hunt is 100% community funded by Collectors, Traders and Treasure Hunters like yourself who regularly add to the balance by sending bitcoin to it.  Click on the address to view the current balance and then join in on the hunt:


How To Buy

New Minnaars are released daily. Click here to view available artworks. You can view all past releases on the home page.

Secondary Market

Physical artworks and NFTs may be offered by private sellers at Mintalio, OpenSea, and our Telegram Group.

Quick Facts:

Inception: June 6, 2021
Artworks Released To Date: 423
Bitcoin Treasure: 1LJUoadJQnEPf6G8u76KFesWJs1MA4S1hA
How To Buy: Minnaars are released daily. Click here to view available artworks.
Secondary Market: You can buy and sell previously released Minnaars through our NFT Page and from private owners in our Minnaar Money Telegram Community
Websites: StevenMinnaar.com and MinnaarMoney.com
NFT Collection: https://stevenminnaar.com/nft
Telegram Group: https://t.me/minnaarmoneygroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minnaar_art
Instagram: https://instagram.com/minnaarmoney