Minnaar Money Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

Minnaar Money – 00217 by Steven Minnaar


About Minnaar Money Artworks

Join the hunt for Hidden Bitcoin Treasure!

Minnaar Money are original artworks and their associated NFTs that each contain a clue to a Hidden Bitcoin Treasure! They are “created to be traded” and are a great way to introduce people to bitcoin, NFTs and art collecting.

Created and released daily by artist Steven Minnaar, each physical artwork and related NFT contains one of 24 words that, when combined in the right order, can lead to the private key of a Hidden Bitcoin Treasure. The more you trade, the more words that you can pick up.

The Bitcoin Treasure will be increased until one of the following occurs:

  1. it is found and claimed
  2. it reaches a value of $1,000,000

When the hidden treasure is found, the same 24 words will be re-ordered and a new treasure hunt will begin!

Click on the QR code to view the current Bitcoin Treasure balance:


The Story of Minnaar Money

For most of her life my grandmother hid cash around her home as emergency savings. As she neared retirement I can only imagine the financial strain, confusion and disappointment she must have felt when she realized that her dollars had lost over 90% of their purchasing power during this same time period.

Through the study of economics we learn that the essential characteristics of a good “store of value” are scarcity, fungibility, durability and utility.

As an artist, it is my objective to create this type of value through my Minnaar Money art project. Why not have “money” that you can hang on your wall and enjoy until you need it? I invite you to join me in this fun and creative journey by collecting and trading Minnaar Money. – Steven Minnaar

Quick Facts:

Inception: June 6, 2021
Supply: An average of 1 to 3 artworks are created and released by artist Steven Minnaar each day for the remainder of his life
Minnaar Money Released To Date: 373
Current Bitcoin Treasure Balance: 0.09071436 BTC and rising
Secondary Market: You can buy and sell Minnaar Money through our NFT Page, from private owners in our Minnaar Money Telegram Community and on token markets like SideSwap.io
Websites: MinnaarMoney.com and StevenMinnaar.com
NFT Collection: https://stevenminnaar.com/nft
Telegram Group: https://t.me/minnaarmoneygroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/minnaar_art
Instagram: https://instagram.com/minnaarmoney

Collector Friendly

Minnaar Money artworks are posted and indexed on this site as they are released. Our Minnaar Money Telegram Group provides a convenient venue for discussing, collecting and trading Minnaar Money.

How To Buy

NFTs can be found through our NFT Page.
Physical artworks can be bought and sold in the Minnaar Money Telegram Group.


Minnaar Money #00001 Fractional Ownership Tokens (“Minis” Ticker: MM1)

Own a piece of the very first Minnaar Money Physical Artwork! Fractional ownership is made available for the very first physical artwork in the Minnaar Money collection (#00001 “A New Day – A New Beginning”) with Minnaar Money – 00001 Fractional Ownership Tokens (commonly referred to as “minis” – Ticker: MM1). The sale of these fractional tokens will fund the building of the future Minnaar Money Museum.

All mini and Minnaar Money owners enjoy FREE lifetime admission to Minnaar Money Meet-ups, Art Shows and the Minnaar Money Museum when completed.

Minis are sold in blocks of 20 for $20 ($1 each) and they make great gifts to introduce others to the exciting world of Minnaar Money. Your purchase will also reveal the first word in the Bitcoin Treasure Hunt.

Minis can be traded on the Liquid Network through token markets like SideSwap.io. and can be purchased here.

Click here to buy Minnaar Money – 00001 Fractional Ownership Tokens (“Minis”)

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