Minnaar Money – 01022 – (Fractionalized – 24 Parts)

Minnaar Money – 01022 – (Fractionalized – 24 Parts)

  • “Beach Girl – Green Umbrella”

2.5″ x 3.5″ linocut impressions – Set of 24 – sold individually

This Minnaar is a set of 24 linocut impressions that contain all 24 words to the Bitcoin Treasure and impressions are sold individually at a fraction of the price of One Minnaar.

Linocut impressions are made by carving out an image on linoleum, applying paint, and then pressing it onto archival paper. Each impression is hand-pressed, hand-numbered, and hand-signed resulting in slight variations from impression to impression. Trade with other collectors and see if you can acquire the complete set.

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