01762 (Fractionalized)

01762 (Fractionalized)


See the world through the eye of an Invisible Minnaar.

Each Invisible Minnaar is 35 mm diameter X 2 mm thick and can be stored in a clear storage case. Fractionalized to 100,000,000 pieces which are available for trade individually (minimum trade is 10,000 pieces).

What can you do with your Fractional Invisible Minnaars?

1. See that blank space on your wall? As a Fractional Minnaar owner you can print out the picture on quality photo paper, frame it, and put it on your wall or desk

2. Create an image folder for your collection on your phone to enjoy and share with your friends

3. Post your Minnaar Collection/Trading Inventory online to share with the world

4. Give away a fraction to each of your friends and introduce them to the world of Minnaar Collecting and Trading. You can give away as little as 0.00000001 fractions

5. Sell or Trade them!

6. Stack them!

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