Minnaar Money – 00500

Minnaar Money – 00500

“Invisible Minnaar” – Portrait Series

Look through your Invisible Minnaar and see the world in a new way.

Each Invisible Minnaar is 35 mm diameter X 2 mm thick and comes in a clear storage case. It is accompanied by a signed 8″ × 10″ photo/Certificate of Authenticity.

Best displayed in a shadow box frame (not included).

This Invisible Minnaar captures the portrait of Lulu, the artist’s cat. Lulu is the subject of many Minnaar Money artworks. How many can you find?

Put Your Portrait on an “Invisible Minnaar”

Would you like your portrait – or the portrait of a loved one – featured on an Invisible Minnaar? Please contact Steven with your request.

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