Bitcoin Money

The “Bitcoin Money” collection is an exclusive series of original paintings where you can choose from available pieces or create your own value with a Special Order (0.0021 BTC minimum)

This value will be painted across the face of the artwork and the collection will be limited to a total face value of 21 bitcoins. The collection is complete once this total has been reached.

Total Value Released To Date:
6.04871607 BTC

Created to be traded, each painting is a unique, physical artwork hand-painted by myself and contains on the reverse 1 or more of 24 words that can unlock a bitcoin treasure when arranged in the right combination.

Each original painting comes with a Token of Authenticity issued on the Liquid Network.

You can search the hashtag “#Minnaar” on social media to find private collectors who buy and sell with other payment types. Make sure to follow the Safe Trading Practices when trading with third parties.

My Selling Price:

Create your Own value with a Special Order (0.0021 BTC minimum) or choose from available pieces (see below)

My Buying Price: 95% of face value

Place your order below to receive the next available painting in the collection. Orders are processed in the order that they are received. Contact me if you have one to sell.

After making your payment, send me your Transaction ID and shipping address to complete your order:

View the paintings as they are released in real-time here (available pieces are marked with the “available” tag):


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