Minnaar Loan Program

You can now enjoy a Minnaar in your home or office with my Minnaar Loan Program.

How it works

You can hold and enjoy an original Minnaar in your home or office as collateral for a note earning you 7% annually.

Each Minnaar is valued at 10 ounces of gold (approximately $24,000 at current gold prices), and one Minnaar is given as collateral for every 2 ounce gold loan (approximately $4,800 at current gold prices).

This means that you can enjoy a Minnaar in your home or office at a fraction of the purchase price and, you can exchange the collateral at any time for any other available Minnaar.

Note Terms

The note term is 21 years. Accrued interest and principle are payable on the maturity date. During the note period, you can, at your option and shipping expense, substitute your collateral for any other available Minnaar in my collection. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy as many Minnaars as you wish during the loan term. Your note is assignable which means you can sell it to another collector at any time. In the meantime, I have the option to pay off the note early.

Why am I doing this?

I create a lot of art and I am now creating some very large pieces. This creates a storage issue. By letting others lend against my art and keep it as collateral, we both win. You can enjoy my art in your home or office at fraction of the financial outlay, while earning a return at the same time. And for me, I do not have to deal with storage while I continue to create. My long-term goal is to place the collection in a museum for public display.


  • private
  • collateralized
  • denominated in gold
  • inflation hedge
  • attractive interest rate
  • you can enjoy a variety of Minnaars during the note term and you get to keep your collateral if I do not pay off the note at the maturity date

Get Started

Since my art serves as my store of value, I only make available a limited number each year to cover my operating expenses. There is currently a waiting list but you can select a Minnaar from my available inventory and then contact me to reserve it. I will then notify you as soon as I am ready to proceed.

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