How to Search for The Bitcoin Treasure

Step One

Gather all 24 words by purchasing a Minnaar Artwork or a Bitcoin Mint™ Collectible.

Step Two

Click on Start Mining to start generating bitcoin addresses and private keys using different combinations of the words. The private key is generated from the passphrase using the SHA256 algorithm. Here’s how:

  • Click on Start Mining
  • Enter the 24 words in the boxes provided (lower case, no spaces, no repeated words)
  • Click on “Mine a Treasure”
  • A bitcoin address and a private key will be displayed. Check to see if the bitcoin address matches “1LJUoadJQnEPf6G8u76KFesWJs1MA4S1hA“.
  • If you get a match, you have discovered the combination! When you get a match, save/write down the combination and use a bitcoin wallet to “Sweep Private Key” and scan the QR code for the private key.
  • This will transfer the bitcoin to your wallet.
  • If you don’t get a match, try the same combination and check the “Compressed address?” box then click “Mine a Treasure” again. If you get a match, see the instructions above to claim the treasure.
  • If neither of these combinations work, click “shuffle” to try another word combination! Good luck and happy hunting!

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