“Wise Men Love Deeply” – In The Wild series – doodle on book page


This is the next Minnaar in my In The Wild mini-series for those of you who love the thrill of the chase!

Last night we went out to dinner again at a new place that is fast becoming one of our favorites. As usual, the service was great and the food was even better. When the check arrived, it came in an old book. Inside the book, previous patrons had written fun little notes of gratitude to the server and establishment. So I dashed off Minnaar #01526 featuring The Wise Owl.

I now offer the Token of Authenticity and receipt (with restaurant contact info) for sale at 1/2 the price of a Minnaar.

If you can persuade the server or restaurant to part with this book (or buy the receipt from you), the two can be combined to make a completed Minnaar and you would have a fun story to tell. When combined, the individual pieces can be proudly displayed together. This is a fun way to get a Minnaar at a discount if you are up for the hunt!

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