Signed and Framed Poem

Edition of 100 and available as a 1/100th Minnaar

Secret Lover

A hidden flame, a whispered vow,
My art, the mistress, claims me now.
Her siren call, a constant plea,
Steals glances, draws my soul to see.

Her beauty blinds, her whispers tease,
Across the room, on bended knees.
A canvas bare, a brush alight,
I lose myself in darkest night.

She takes my hand, she guides my touch,
A world unseen, I yearn so much.
In swirling hues and lines so bold,
A tale unfolds, a story told.

She consumes me, a fiery kiss,
Yet grants a joy no other bliss.
My secret love, my muse, my guide,
In her arms, my soul resides.

-Steven Minnaar


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