“The Minnaar Treasure”

4″ x 6″ Limited Edition Print (fractionalized into 1,000 pieces)

The Minnaar Treasure

A digital vault, a hidden key,
Twenty-four words, a mystery.
Minnaar’s art, a vibrant guide,
To Bitcoin’s bounty, deep inside.

Lines of code, a playful flight,
Birthed a fortune, lost to sight?
One full Bitcoin, bright and bold,
A challenge whispered, yet untold.

The artist’s touch, a world of hues,
Whispers a secret, it imbues.
Each masterpiece, a whispered clue,
To unlock the wealth, for me and you.

No map exists, no compass guides,
Just art’s embrace, where spirit confides.
The blockchain whispers, cold and clear,
One Bitcoin waits, a prize to cheer.

But even Minnaar, the artist wise,
Values the journey, more than the prize.
For in the chase, and puzzles spun,
A deeper treasure might be won.

So delve into code, and brushstrokes bright,
Unravel the riddle, claim your right.
But in this dance of art and words,
A deeper worth, may yet emerge.

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