Minnaar Mogul – The Game

Minnaar Mogul – The Game


Build and leverage your Minnaar Art Collection to win the game and find clues to a hidden treasure containing over one full bitcoin.

Items Needed:


  • Minnaar: any Minnaar artwork including Fractional Minnaars and Trading Cards
  • Collector: a collector of Minnaars.
  • Player: a collector who is playing the game with pieces from his or her Minnaar collection.
  • Art Director: the organizer of the game who is also in charge of score keeping.
  • Art Dealer: a player whose turn it is to pick a random number, count up to the winner, and ask the trivia question for a round of play. Moving clockwise, each player takes a turn as the Art Dealer for a round.
  • Point Reward: 1 point.
  • Point Multiplier: the number you multiply by the Point Reward to determine points won.
  • Point Multiplier Value: the reward value of a particular Minnaar
  • Trivia Boost Reward: 3 points.
  • Trading Session: the time set aside before or after the game to buy, sell, and trade Minnaars.
  • Minnaar Mogul: the winner of the most points by the end of the game.

How to Play:

Setting Up the Game:

  • Each player lays out in front of them an agreed upon number of pieces from their Minnaar collection, and the total number of pieces from all players is tallied. Three pieces per player works well. If a player does not have Minnaars, he/she can purchase one from another player or borrow one in exchange for splitting points earned with the Minnaar.
  • An “Art Authenticator” is chosen for the game. The Art Authenticator will be tasked with authenticating all Minnaars entered into play either at the start of the game or prior to announcing a winner. Any other player can double-check and confirm authenticity.
  • Players choose a time limit or number of rounds to play for the game.

Round Structure:

  • Players take turns as the “Art Dealer” and will randomly select a number for the round using a randomizer app or Random.org when it’s his/her turn. For instance, if there are 20 pieces on the table, a number between 1 and 20 is chosen using the randomizer.
  • A gold or silver coin (or other marker) is passed clockwise from player to player when it is their turn to deal.
  • Starting with the player to the left, the Art Dealer counts through the pieces clockwise, stopping at the randomized number. The owner of the piece corresponding to the number is the round’s winner.
  • The Art Director calculates the points won by multiplying the Point Reward by the Point Multiplier of the winning piece (see below). All points are recorded on the Score Sheet.
  • Power Minnaar: If the winning Minnaar is a fractional piece of the World’s Most Expensive Artwork, the player gets “bonus” points of between 1 and 6 which is determined by the roll of a six-sided die.
  • Lucky Dealer Reward: if the Art Dealer’s random pick lands on “6” or “21”, the Art Dealer gets matching points of those that are won for that round.
  • Clue Acquisition: The round winner gets to select one Minnaar from the entire table, and its owner must discreetly reveal the word clue to the winner.
  • Trivia Boost Reward: The winning player for the round can ask the player to his right to give him or her a trivia question from any one of several categories and the randomizer is used to pick the question. If the round winner answers correctly, he or she wins an additional 3 points. If answered incorrectly there is no penalty and the regular payout remains but the next player to the left will have the opportunity to answer the trivia question and earn the Trivia Boost Reward. This continues to the left until the correct answer is found or all players have had a chance to answer (excluding the player who asks the question). If no one gets the answer, the round ends and a new round is started.
  • The Art Director records the points won for each round on the Score Sheet and announces when the game is over.

Game Progression:

  • The player who accumulates the most points by the end of the game is declared the winner and “Minnaar Mogul”.
  • Players can buy, sell, and trade Minnaars with each other before and after the game.
  • All players can start the search for the bitcoin treasure once they have collected all 24 words

Reward Multipliers:

1 Minnaar = 10
½ Minnaar = 9
1/3rd Minnaar = 8
1/4th Minnaar = 7
1/10th Minnaar = 6
1/24th Minnaar = 5
1/54th Minnaar = 4
1/100th Minnaar = 3
World’s Most Expensive Artwork = 2 plus the “bonus” payout described above
1/1000th Minnaar = 1

Invisible Minnaars:

  • Players may play with an Invisible Minnaar, provided that it has a minimum fractional value of 1/1000th Minnaar and its Token of Authenticity is verified by other players.
  • Use a display case or stand to display the Invisible Minnaar when laying out collections.
  • Points won are calculated according to the corresponding Point Multiplier Value of the Invisible Minnaar.

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