Small Change


Artist Makes “Small Change” To Damien Hirst Artwork By Cutting It Up Into 630 Pieces

Artist Steven Minnaar recently acquired a painting from Damien Hirst’s The Currency series and – as he thought about this particular piece (#7311-would you lie under the stars) – he realized that a smaller denomination would make it more functional as a “currency” given the fact that several paintings in the series have sold for more than six figures.

So Steven decided to make “small change” of the painting – he is cutting it up into 630 pieces and is selling them individually. Each one containing approximately one square centimeter of the physical painting.

Each physical square is laminated in a wallet-sized card and comes with a Digital Certificate of Authenticity in the form of a NFT created on – a NFT platform built on the Lightning Network.

Steven remarks, “it is an exciting time for artists and art collectors. These small pieces are beautiful, easy to carry, and fun to trade.”

Steven releases one new artwork a day and is sold out months in advance so what you receive remains a mystery until you receive it. For more information click here.